Hello. My name is Bill Dalgetty, husband to Marilynn; father of Liz, Jenny, Susan, Stephen and Emily; grandfather of thirteen, and a Catholic follower of Jesus Christ, trying to reflect his presence in my life.


The purpose of this blog is to give busy Christians a vision for life and work. It includes reflections on scripture applied to various challenges in life and the workplace, often accompanied by real life stories. Posts are every Tuesday morning and sometimes more frequently. If you are new to the site, you might want to start with most popular. Here are the top four:

Emily’s Smile and the Face of God

“Is That Your Boy?”

There is No Law against Love in the Workplace

Listening More, Talking Less


Past experiences include serving as a senior attorney and general manager of Environment, Health and Safety for Mobil Corporation; past president and chairman of the board of Christians in Commerce, now WorkLight, authoring Hope for the Workplace – Christ in You, published by Zacchaeus Publications, and serving as a coordinator in the People of Praise, a Christian community. While at Christians in Commerce, I wrote more than 100 articles on the subject of Christ in the workplace; conducted retreats and seminars and gave numerous talks.

My education includes a Juris Doctor from the University of Missouri at Kansas City and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Administration from Iowa State University.

Contact Information

You may contact me by e-mail or follow me on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter.

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